Monday, December 18, 2017

Bad Testimony

For the most part of my Christian life, I had been living a bad testimony to others. Instead of being the salt and light of the earth ( Matthew 5:13-16), I was treading on the not-so-fine line between living in the world and following Christ.


Warning: You must switch to mushy mode, this is not my usual post!


These past days I wasn't at all like myself...and I admit I have completely lost my focus which have now caused me a great deal of pain and embarrassment...

PriNce chArming

Just when I thought I had really gotten out “Prince Charmings” out of my system, I still want to be swept off my feet and ride into the sunset with him on his steed… [bleck!].

I don't want to fall in love

I know...the title is a BIG statement but you gotta hear me out on this. I am scared of the idea that you can fall in and out of love with someone.

MY first bOat ride!

The sun blazed upon us as we rode the bus from the “Palace in the Sky” towards the resort. The bus was part of Banahaw liner, it had lilac and turquoise paint and there was a logo of a horse on its side, which is weird because a Banahaw is either a plant or a mountain here in the Philippines.

Holy Crap...An Update on Life

Wow, my life has really turned absolutely nuts. I have so much to do and I simply have no idea how I am going to get anything done. I guess I should start my update with the events from last week...

Remembering Madison

In my last posting about Madison I told you of some of the hardest things we had to face while I was pregnant with her. By far the most difficult thing to deal with was the passing of time. You see, as long as I was pregnant everything was okay.

Web Journalism

This guy's pretty good. If I didn't hate blogging so much, I'd be sold on him, too. I'm such a sucker for the revolutionary stuff. It's true that blogging can allow people to express their opinion, be it nonsense or a true gem of wisdom, on infinite subjects.


The Romano book is pretty entertaining. The multigenre papers are well-written and interesting, the chapters are short, informative, and move quickly.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

site plan

Tell us about your background in gardening.  What do you like so much about gardening?
My parents are the ones who turned me on to gardening at a young age. They grew up farming and gardening in Guatemala as a way of life they and brought those skills with them to Chicago.